New order ?

New order ?

The Fipto Research Team
April 5, 2023

OPEC+'s surprise decision this weekend to cut production by more than a million barrels per day pushed Brent and WTI futures up more than 5% yesterday. Inflation forecasts are questioned. Saudi Arabia resumes diplomatic relations with Iran, OPEC plays Russia's game.

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Between the banking crisis to manage, the inflation, the tension with oil producers, China trying to support Putin, upcoming nonfarm payrolls, the Trump case, ...  It is Migraine-week in America!

Did you say digital gold?

If Citibank says so…

Citi predicts that by 2030, up to $4 trillion in tokenized digital securities and up to $5 trillion of central bank digital currency could be circulating globally, half of which could be linked to distributed ledger technology.

Defining or changing Regulation takes time… It could take years… more than a decade. The Finance world remains very found of its aging securities transfer system. The regulators do not want to lose their respective control and reluctantly challenge the established rules and regulations throwing new ideas to consider from a study group to the next. The decentralization and disintermediation of the financial securities system, which is by nature totally centralized and ultra-intermediated, is not for tomorrow. International financial regulators will not make concessions willingly.

The tokenization of real (non-financial) assets will undoubtedly arrive sooner than the tokenization of securities. This will be the ultimate step to drive broad adoption for crypto. With that, the last refractory will be forced to use the technology under penalty of being socially excluded. For comparison, it is the phase we are in with the Internet: Today it is becoming complex to file your tax return on paper or to use a landline phone without internet ip.

The technology already exists, that's not really the problem. The last obstacle for this adoption phase is regulation.

The tokenization of real assets will expand the uses of finance. It will therefore not kill it, on the contrary, it will broaden its scope and provide more transparency for all use cases. Why fight the world of cryptos? Ask the SEC.

The future of banking has no banks” Bernstein says. Let's reconsider our way of thinking about finance.

Slow down in the Metaverse? Think again!

Gucci announces a partnership with Yuga Labs to establish itself in the Metaverse Otherside. Nike, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Adidas, Burberry, Vans, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Balenciaga… Many of them have already set foot in the Metaverse of The Sandbox or Decentraland. Gucci was already well deployed in both universes and wishes to confirm the trial with Otherside. The Otherside metaverse is a 3D virtual environment based around the BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) project. It is a story-driven adventure game centered around a mysterious obelisk that appeared in the Otherside universe. Yuga Labs obviously did not limit itself to the development of its metaverse.

The big brands seek to be present in the various metaverses for several reasons:

  1. New Marketing Channels: Metaverses offer new marketing channels for brands. Metaverse users are often tech-savvy early adopters, which can be an attractive audience for brands looking to reach tech-savvy consumers.
  2. Increase brand awareness: Being present in a metaverse can help increase brand awareness. Metaverse users can interact with brand products, which can help increase brand visibility and recognition.
  3. Provide an immersive experience: Metaverses provide an immersive experience for users, which can help brands create memorable and engaging brand experiences. Brands can create special events, exhibits, or virtual reality experiences that place consumers in a unique brand environment.
  4. New business opportunities: Metaverses also offer new business opportunities for brands. Users can purchase virtual items, NFTs, and even virtual real estate, which can help brands find new ways to monetize their presence in the metaverses.
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April 5, 2023

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