payments using blockchain

We are building the next generation payments platform and API for businesses by combining the best practices of traditional payment with the capabilities of blockchain technology: security, speed, availability, and cost-efficiency.

Meet our founders

Fipto is led by three veterans of financial institutions and fast-rising fintechs.

Patrick Mollard
Bertrand Godin
Bertrand Godin
Gregoire Andrieu

Our values

Big results require big ambitions

At Fipto, we plan to overachieve through execution, always driven by four core values


For all stakeholders, of everyone's work, of the world we live in


Through constructive criticism and guidance for continuous improvement


For a good work-life balance and for the consideration of each other's time

Team First

Since an attitude focused on the team's best interests feeds the organisation's strength

Read our latest news

March 3, 2024

Leveraging Smart Contracts and Currency Programmability for more Optimised Settlement

Discover how smart contracts are the key to simplifying transaction settlements.
February 21, 2024

How businesses can benefit from stablecoins in 2024

Stablecoins have grown from effectively 0 to a $137 billion market in the past four years. Corporations and financial institutions need to explore this growing market as a viable avenue for transactions.
January 18, 2024

New Euro IBANs and vIBANs, Instant SEPA, and Digital Currency Conversions

At Fipto, innovation and practicality are the forward-driving forces that help us reshape the way businesses manage and grow their finances. This is why the team is very proud and happy to unveil, 4 new powerful capabilities which will help our clients streamline Treasury Management and Payments processes.