Our team will give special attention to all complaints. 

This information has been drawn up in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulations of the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) and AMF Instruction 2012-07.

It is intended to inform the customers of our services (the "Customers" or, where applicable, "You") regarding our procedures for handling complaints.

Only complaints made by you against Fipto France SAS or its affiliated companies ("Fipto"), its products or its services are covered, excluding requests for information, advice, clarification, services or benefits.

Any customer wishing to make a complaint is invited to send a letter to the following address

For the attention of: Service des réclamations - Fipto France SAS, 65 Rue De La Croix 92000 Nanterre. 

Complaints can also be made by e-mail to

To ensure that the claim has been received, we recommend that the Customer requests an acknowledgement of receipt.

We also recommend that, in the subject line of the e-mail/correspondence, you indicate the nature of the request using the following terminology: "complaint (dissatisfaction)".

Processing times for claims :

Fipto undertakes to send an acknowledgement of receipt to the Customer within 10 working days. 

If the claim cannot be processed more quickly, the claim will be processed within 2 months from the date of receipt of the complaint. 

Please note that these deadlines are regulatory. If local regulations or commitments published by an entity indicate shorter response times, they will obviously be respected.

Recourse :

For disputes that fall within the AMF's jurisdiction, you may choose to contact either the AMF Ombudsman, a company ombudsman, an industry ombudsman or a trade association ombudsman, provided that one of these exists and has signed an agreement with the AMF Ombudsman and that the agreement has been notified to the Commission d'évaluation et de contrôle de la médiation.

Your choice is final and mediation is free of charge.

The AMF mediation request form and the mediation charter are available on the website

For services provided in other European Union countries, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, Fipto informs you of the possibility of contacting the independent ombudsman of the competent national authority, the list of which is kept up to date by the European Commission: Members of FIN-NET.

Complaint procedures are confidential, free, adversarial and non-binding. Each party may terminate the procedure at any time and retains the right to have recourse to the courts.

However, before contacting the mediator, the Customer must first contact the person responsible for complaints at Fipto.