Cross-border Payments

Cross-border payments made easy

Empower your business by simplifying transactions with high growth economies. With Fipto, unlock new market opportunities while safeguarding against liquidity challenges and volatile conditions.

Use cases

Settle funds in high growth markets and expand globally


Receive and send funds from high growth markets. Manage your exposure to currency volatility.

Stablecoin payout

Settle payouts instantly to manage risk and build trust. Avoid hedging costs. 

Treasury management

Move money efficiently between corporate entities 365/24/7.

BtoB payments

Pay suppliers and third parties across borders using blockchain payment rails. Transact globally with ease, even in regions with limited cross-border payment capabilities.

Cash repatriation

Access stablecoin liquidity to repatriate funds from high growth markets. Make the positive interest rate environment work for you.

Global payments

Find the process that fits your project

Fipto enables your business to send and receive payments globally using blockchain payment rails for access to hard to reach markets. Our strong suite of tools allows businesses to efficiently manage their digital currencies.

Option 1
On-ramp only

We use your local currency (i.e. EUR, USD, GBP) to settle your payments in stablecoins (i.e. USDC, USDT).

Option 2
On and Off-ramp
  1. We convert your local currency (i.e. EUR, USD, GBP) to stablecoins (i.e. USDC, USDT).
  2. We settle the stablecoin payment in the beneficiary's local currency.
Option 3
Off-ramp only

We use your stablecoins (i.e. USDC, USDT) and settle in the local currency of your choice (i.e. EUR, USD, GBP).

"As a freight company, payment processing time is critical in our daily operations. By choosing Fipto, we wanted to offer our business partners the possibility to pay instantly from any country in the world so that merchandise can move faster; and accepting digital currencies did just that."

Floriane Cutler, Founder at Argo Freight

Putting security and compliance first

Fipto's platform meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business and keep your corporate treasury and payments safe. Learn more on how we secure client funds.

Uncompromising security

Secure multi-party computation (MPC) wallets
Two-factor authentication
Role-based access control and rule-based validation
Financial statements, risk exposure and audit tools/reports

Strict compliance

Fipto is registered as a Digital Asset Service Provider DASP by the French financial market authority (AMF) and certified to the highest industry standards.

AML and CFT checks
Blockchain screening
Segregated accounts
Fipto ISO 27001
ISO/IEC 27001:2022

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