Crypto payroll

Pay employees in crypto and stablecoins

Power your company with crypto payments for remote teams, contractors and business partners. Issue payments across borders easily, instantly, and with lower fees.

Instant settlement
Hedge against volatility with digital dollars
Secure and compliant
Pay consultants in crypto
DASP registered with the AMF in France
VASP registered with the CSSF in Luxembourg
ISO 27001 certified for information security
100% segregated client accounts

Borderless payments for global teams

Managing payments for remote teams can be a headache, especially in hard-to-reach regions like Latin America and South East Asia. Fipto enables your company to pay globally within hours while optimising your company cash flow.

Benefits for the company
A universal currency: Stablecoins can be used as a universal digital dollar, avoiding the need for companies to cover every local currency. Meet the growing demand for crypto payments.
Pay on time, always: Minimise reputation risks and increase your teams' satisfaction and engagement.
Better cash flow: Enhance your working capital by converting to stablecoins only when you need to pay.
Benefits for the employee
Get paid instantly: Stablecoin payments only take a few seconds to process in any corner of the world instead of several days with banks.
Get paid in digital dollars: Stablecoins can be used as tools to hedge against instability and volatility.
Better conversion rate: Stablecoins can reduce conversion costs by avoiding unfavourable rates, especially with exotic currencies.

Scale your payments

Fipto's platform is designed for businesses, offering flexible treasury management with the ability to convert fiat to stablecoins at any moment. The platform also natively supports user management, multi-signature and reinforced security.

Dedicated IBANs for your company

Fipto’s IBANs enable your company to send money to your business counterparts with your company’s name as the official originator.

Unlimited IBANs
French nominative IBANs
Dedicated IBANs for your company
Secure crypto wallets

Secure crypto wallets

Choose from the most supported cryptocurrencies for your payments, including USDT, USDC, BTC and ETH.

Unlimited cryptocurrency wallets
10+ currencies available

Fast conversions

Seamlessly convert Euros to digital currencies directly from your Fipto account.

Instant conversion
Switch between fiat and crypto easily
Fast crypto conversions euro
Crypto compliance

Stay compliant

Download your transaction history and be audit-ready at all times.

CSV exports for accounting and audits

Get started today

1. Open a Fipto account

Open your account in less than 24h

Open an account

2. Deposit Euros into your account

Use your dedicated IBAN to fund your Fipto account

3. Convert Euros to Crypto

Convert your deposited EUR to crypto such as USDT or USDC

4. Pay employees instantly

Create your beneficiaries and start issuing payouts

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