One business account for your fiat and crypto

Power your finance operations in both fiat and cryptocurrencies from one single platform. Send and receive payments, buy and convert currencies in seconds.

Use cases

Send, receive, store and convert crypto

Pay in stablecoins
Pay business partners and clients across the world in stablecoins.
Accept stablecoins
Use no-code Payment Links or build your own cryptocurrency checkout.
Off-ramp crypto
Convert your cryptocurrency revenue to Euros in seconds.
Buy crypto
Diversify your corporate treasury with cryptocurrencies.

Streamline your business finances across fiat and crypto


Achieve operational efficiency

Create IBANs, vIBANs and cryptocurrency wallets for your business in one place. Deposit, transfer, and withdraw funds labelled under your company’s legal entity.

All your operations under one roof - Issue nominative IBANs, vIBANs and crypto wallets for payroll, vendor and customer payments.
Multi-currency support - Consolidate your treasury across fiat and crypto, and easily switch accounts and currencies.
Compliant by design - Fipto holds multiple VASP registrations across Europe to offer you fully regulatory compliant services.
Dedicated IBANs for your company

Issue and receive payments anywhere in the world

Connect your existing financial/transaction processes to blockchain rails to enhance your payments stack.

Move funds, fast - Send and receive funds in seconds via blockchain rails or Instant SEPA.
Accept crypto payments - Use Payment Links to get paid in stablecoins while receiving euros directly onto your account.
Secure your payments - Whitelist your beneficiaries
Secure crypto wallets
Treasury management

Intelligent treasury management with dedicated support

Gain full visibility and strategic control over your organisation's cash positions and liquidity needs.

Dedicated OTC Support - Work with your personal key account manager for executing OTC trades.
Best Market Prices - Enjoy the most competitive fees: 0.9% with no spread, no hidden costs for all conversions.
Instant e-OTC Trades - Convert currencies instantly in-app, without calling our OTC desk.
Fast crypto conversions euro

“Using Fipto for me represents a triple win: I’m saving a lot of time on my payments operations, I’m cutting the hassle of paperwork to move my funds and on top of that I am also significantly reducing my transaction fees.”

Imad Wardé, CEO, HedgeGuard

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“In under 5 minutes, we can create and send a payment link to our international clients to be paid instantly and seamlessly, without having to be exposed to crypto. Payment links are extremely easy to use and Fipto takes care of everything behind the scenes, making it a hassle-free transition for us.”

Jeremy Picard, Chief of Staff, Pandascore

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Tailored to small & medium-sized businesses

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Starter Plan

For SMBs and Web3 businesses

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Free subscription
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Dedicated account manager
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0.9% conversion fee
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Unlimited Payment Links
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Unlimited IBANs, vIBANs and crypto wallets


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