Debank now

Debank now

The Fipto research team
May 10, 2023

Debank now

Promise, we will not talk about $PEPE.

With the banking crisis fading down, the US default rushes back to the forefront.

The impasse over the US debt ceiling continues to threaten US financial markets this week. President Biden is due to meet with congressional leaders today to discuss raising the current $31.4 trillion limit, with Congress typically tying approval of a debt ceiling hike to discussions around expenses related to fiscal and policy matters. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned that there is "no good option" to break the impasse over the debt limit, other than raising the ceiling by Congress.

Staking Cryptos after the Merge : The El Dorado of Treasury investing

Bitwise, the crypto asset management firm, has shared its analysis and outlook: it is very optimistic for staking as a service. The Merge raises staking to top-of-mind matter for investors. A JP Morgan study illustrates this evolution showing that highlighting the more than $40 billion in revenue generated by ETH staking by 2025.

According to Bitwise, companies offering staking as a service acurrently dominate the markets. They account for more than 50% of the $21.1 billion of ethers staked on Ethereum before The Merge.

But even if we assume that solutions that democratise staking will take off in the future, how much weight will the little fish have against the whales? The proof of stake is directly positioned as a solution and a ramp of access to the blockchain universe through an acceleration of the adoption of this solution, an investment product positioned as green, with an attractive return compared to the current market conditions while putting a foot in the decentralization and digital assets and participating in the security of the Ethereum network.

Institutional investors have everything to be seduced by the Merge revolution.

Crypto Corporate banking

More and more companies are handling cryptocurrencies, whether it's for their own business activities, an NFT project, ICO financing, payment, or cash management. There are already many regulated players today that allow individuals to purchase their first crypto-assets, but very few have a suitable solution to address the real challenges faced by businesses.

That's why we have created a cryptocurrency payment and treasury management solution that not only secures transfers but also enables the custody of cryptocurrencies in accordance with internal management policies. It provides real-time valuation of all assets across different wallets, manages risk exposure, and provides actionable data for your accountant.

All of this can be seamlessly integrated into your existing tool via API or by utilizing our platform.

Benefit from the guidance of a cryptocurrency business expert and request a demo!

Something big is coming. See you next week in a new world !

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May 10, 2023

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