Numias is becoming Fipto

Numias is becoming Fipto

Fipto research team
May 23, 2023

New name, same vision.

Providing a leading-edge treasury management solution remains our top priority. We bridge the gap between fiat currencies and digital currencies, empowering businesses to leverage the immense benefits of blockchain technology.

So, why Fipto? As we embark on this evolution, our new name symbolizes the fusion of Finance and Crypto Currencies. Fipto echoes our dedication to provide fast, intuitive, and seamless financial services, promising a future where financial interoperability is the norm, not the exception.

While our name is changing, our core values, dedication, and commitment to our clients remain the same. We will continue to innovate and enhance our services, making sure we're at the forefront of technological advancements.

Be in

Acting as a legal entity does not add constraints to accessing cryptocurrencies; on the contrary, fully embrace the change and be "on-chain" to develop your business with the appropriate infrastructure. Use crypto as you use Fiat. Create, fund, invest, pay, get paid, and interact within Web3, but without compromising your risk policy and security. You are a professional, collaborate with fellow professionals. At Fipto, we have developed a treasury management solution specifically designed for companies and institutions. Integrate our API or use our interface; it is tailored to your needs.

Bitcoin back as an active safe haven

Bitcoin could become the world's third most sought-after asset if the U.S. defaults on its debt, according to a Bloomberg survey. BTC is now considered a "digital gold" and is more popular than any fiat currency: Bitcoin has lost its safe haven status since March 2020. Then it has been considered a risky asset with the abundance of liquidity issued by central banks. Since the beginning of the banking crisis, bitcoin has occasionally become uncorrelated with equity indices. This could be the start of a trend change. The U.S. is approaching its debt ceiling, raising concerns of a potential default. The Biden administration will discuss the matter with Congress, and a debt limit suspension must be considered. Let us find reassurance in the fact that over the past twenty-two years, the debt ceiling has been raised twenty times, even during the Obama administration when congressional relations were particularly strained. It is probable that there will be a twenty-third increase this year, following significant concessions by the Biden administration to Republicans. But what if that does not happen? Would the United States truly default on its payments? Not necessarily. The U.S. Treasury has a contingency plan in place, tested in the past, to ensure that payments to holders of U.S. public debt take precedence over other obligations. This would prevent a default. However, the interest in safe-haven assets is bound to increase amidst a potential mini economic chaos that could reconfigure the landscape. Nevertheless, we are still enveloped in uncertainty, and regardless of the outcome, the US Treasury continues to turn a blind eye. The attractiveness of Bitcoin as a diversification tool should be increasingly considered by companies.

Sources : Cryptoslate , Cointelegraph

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May 23, 2023

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