Fipto launches Payment Links to enable stablecoin payments for businesses without direct exposure to crypto

Fipto launches Payment Links to enable stablecoin payments for businesses without direct exposure to crypto

Mathieu Jalvé
April 30, 2024

With Fipto’s stablecoin Payment Links, businesses can securely collect stablecoin payments in just a few clicks and receive euros directly on their account—without writing a single line of code.

  • Payment Links automatically convert stablecoins to euros, removing exposure to crypto assets.
  • Businesses can start using Payment Links without the need for a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Stablecoin Payment Links can be attached to invoices, websites, email, SMS, WhatsApp and other platforms to be shared with customers.
  • Businesses using Payment Links receive notifications on new payments, can track payment statuses and follow up on late payments.

A solution to accept stablecoin payments with ease

Stablecoins have quickly become a new payment avenue for businesses, witnessing a steady increase in transaction volumes every year, and businesses are actively seeking accessible ways to capitalise on this evolving opportunity.

Fipto’s Payment Links are the easiest and most secure way for any business to start accepting stablecoin payments. They can be used by any type of business, including those not fully ready to embrace crypto yet by using a company wallet. Fipto bridges this gap by enabling them to leverage the full speed of blockchain without the need to interact with it directly.

Stablecoin Payment Links offer a unique advantage to businesses: accepting crypto payments while receiving euros through an automatic conversion, removing all exposure to crypto assets. Other features of this solution include the automatic management of overpayments and underpayments, no matter the conversion rate. All Payment Links can be tracked individually from a consolidated page offering a view of payment statuses and an easy follow-up on late payments.

"Within minutes, any business can now embrace crypto payments, expanding their market reach with a new payment option" commented Patrick Mollard, Fipto's co-founder and CEO. "This new solution addresses common challenges voiced by businesses venturing into the crypto sphere. We're thrilled to introduce a hassle-free solution featuring automatic euro conversions and seamless payment tracking.”

Fipto’s stablecoin Payment Links support a variety of business types and use cases, including:

  • B2B Invoicing for SMBs: Using stablecoins as a universal currency to invoice customers with unsupported currencies while being settled in euros.
  • E-commerce merchants: Providing customers with an alternative to credit card payments via a stablecoin checkout.
  • iFX and gambling platforms: Expanding global reach and business opportunities by providing customers with stablecoin deposits at lower costs.

A programmable API to generate Payment Links

Payment Links can also be generated through Fipto’s robust API to create fully customisable payment flows that can easily be integrated into businesses’ existing workflows, such as building a fully-fledged stablecoin checkout. Using Fipto’s API, stablecoin Payment Links can be created at scale, saving valuable time and effort.

Click here to learn more and get started with stablecoin Payment Links, or request a demo.

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April 30, 2024

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