How to accept cryptocurrency payments as a business

How to accept cryptocurrency payments as a business

Ella de Brún
June 14, 2024
3 mins

Cryptocurrency adoption is on the rise with over 30,000 merchants worldwide accepting cryptocurrencies, revealed by Cryptocurrency Payments Report by Cointelegraph Research including big brands such as Microsoft,PayPal & Expedia. 

With an estimated 575 million global crypto owners (CoinGecko, 2024), businesses have begun to see the benefit of using cryptocurrencies as a payment gateway in order to expand their global reach. 

How can businesses accept cryptocurrencies payments? 

There are many ways to support crypto payments as a business. In its most basic form, a company can open a crypto wallet and send its wallet details to their client. The company then relies on their clients to send the exact amount in the right currency. A tedious process that does not really work at scale.

But for businesses that do not wish to open cryptocurrency wallets and make regular conversions to Euro and transfers between their accounts; one solution in particular allows them to accept crypto while receiving euros directly on their account. This convenient method is called a Payment Link.

With a Payment Link, any business can create a customised secure payment link with the exact amount to receive, and add a reference number. Once generated, a customer can pay in stablecoins in a few seconds. Payments statuses are traceable, conversions to Euro are automated, and under/over payments are automatically handled. Clients can access stablecoin payment links anywhere in the world at any time allowing for faster transactions. 

In order to create instant online crypto payment links, businesses must: 

  1. Select a provider: Selecting a  provider is necessary in order to facilitate your stablecoin payment links for your business. Fipto’s Payment Links have been specifically designed for businesses.
  2. Create a link: Create a secure Payment Link in just a few clicks to sell a product or service. Customise their link details- amount, recipients and reference number.
  3. Share the link: Paste or embed your link anywhere- email, SMS, invoice website - and share it with their customers.
  4. Receive payments: Be notified of successful payments, and have the funds deposited into your account. Track payment statuses and follow up on late payments. 
Fipto Payment Links

How Pandascore integrated crypto payments to their strategy:

Pandascore, an Esports Data company, uses Fipto’s Payment Links to accept cryptocurrency payments from their international clients.

"In under 5 minutes, we can create and send a payment link to our international clients to be paid instantly and seamlessly, without having to be exposed to crypto. Payment links are extremely easy to use and Fipto takes care of everything behind the scenes, making it a hassle-free transition for us.”

‍Jeremy Picard, Chief of Staff, Pandascore

Create a cryptocurrency checkout

Businesses willing to create a fully-fledged checkout experience can leverage Fipto’s API to power their existing payment workflows. Payment Links are then generated at scale to save valuable time and effort.

Learn more about Payment Links here :

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June 14, 2024

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